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Microsoft Dynamics NAV delivers the control you need to help you improve your margins, enhance your cash position, and support your growth.

Greater control is key to your role – and the success of your business. It’s about ensuring that you have the right insight into how your business is performing, have good visibility into how resources are being utilized and define who gets to make business critical decisions on your behalf.

When given greater control, you are in a much better position to improve margins, work resources harder, make more informed decisions about what you buy and at what price – and then drive the right behavior through the system.

With greater control and better margins, you have the opportunity to enhance your cash position. You may also want to spend less time managing this key commodity even more effectively. Given an improved cash position, lots of things become possible that may not have been possible before. A better cash position enables you to build value for shareholders, and that might mean dividends – it might also mean driving growth.

Added values and insights:

Gain better insight into how your business is performing
Get greater visibility into how resources are being utilized
Optimize existing resources
Optimize buying behavior and inventory
Flexibility to accommodate new businesses and processes
The system can adapt to your growing needs

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Designed for one up to one hundred users, it can be implemented quickly and customized, used, and maintained easily. Microsoft Navision frees you to focus on your business!

Reliable Functionality that Adds Value from the Start

Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP gives you the essential and scalable functionality you need—no more and no less—to help boost profits, service and efficiency. Address your core operational needs by implementing only the functionality that adds real value to your business—right from the start. And you know your investment is sound because your solution has been tried and tested by more than 34,000 businesses worldwide.

Easy Implementation and less disruptive

It does not require costly and time-consuming tailoring and customization. This means that implementation is easier and less disruptive to your daily business. The modest size of the package and the intuitive and familiar Microsoft Windows®-based interface makes it possible for you and your employees to be up and running from day one with minimal training.

An Affordable Investment for Now and the Future

Microsoft Navision will fit your business today and tomorrow. You can license the functionality you need now, and, if your business needs change, simply add the functionality your business demands – at a price you can afford.

Integrated Base Solution

With Microsoft Navision, you know the status of your business at any given moment. Business and financial information is always up-to-date and fully integrated with information and input from all other areas in the program.

MS Office Integration

Microsoft Navision let’s you easily integrate your business data with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Outlook®. Collaborative, Excel-based budgeting tools integrate business data across applications. You can export data to Excel to perform advanced analysis or create graphical presentations. Integration with Microsoft Outlook facilitates easy collaboration and communication via e-mail and efficient contact management.

Powerful collaboration

When you combine Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Windows Small Business Server, you get the tools you need to share information and processes with your captains, superintendents, suppliers, and partners—no matter where they’re located.

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