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Fortune Computer Based Self Video-Training Initiative

July 2016

We at Fortune Technologies having always our customers’ needs in mind, are proud to announce our new offered service called Fortune Computer Based Self-Training Video Initiative. According to this new initiative we are ready to make available to our customers e-learning self-training modules. Those modules are available for training or procedure company manuals, for company owned software, or for all applications of Fortune Maritime Suite, Office Side or VesselClient. In those modules:

  • User will experience a complete presentation – training on the specific company manual or the corresponding application of Fortune Maritime Suite.
  • Training structure will be based on predefined Learning Objectives, it will be highly interactive and will represent the actual user interface of each application.
  • Extensive use of video, along with corresponding narration will ensure that all procedures, features and functionalities will be thoroughly explained through actual examples.
  • By the end of each training subject, there will be an assessment to evaluate trainee progress. After successful completion of the assessment a certificate of accomplishment will be made available so that the maritime company could keep track of training records.

You can see a promo video of the new service, here:

Advantages of the system:

  • No time limitations. Training is available 24/7, and as many times as you need.
  • There are no geographical limitations. Training can be provided anywhere to office users and crew members alike.
  • No need to gather trainees at the same location and at the same time, disrupting the company’s routine or the Vessel’s schedule.
  • Electronic training records are available for the company to keep track. The capability to inform training coordinator by e-mail each time an assessment is completed can also be provided.
  • Reduced training costs.
  • Training is available in html 5 format, therefore accessible through tablets and mobile phones.

To have a better understanding of how the training modules will look like you can find a company procedure demo training module here –> click to download. To access it please download the zipped folder, unzip it and run procedures.exe file.

You can also find a PMS VesselClient training module demo here –> click to download. To access the module please download the zipped folder, unzip it and run index.html file.