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Fortune Technologies: New eco-friendly policy/ tools for its customers

September 2016 – Keeping up with developments in an ever-changing industry Fortune Technologies SA has added lately one more weapon to the arsenal of shipping companies, supporting efforts to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions under the latest EU regulation which entered into force last summer.

The Microsoft Business Solutions Gold Partner, which offers over the past 12 years innovative ERP software products and services to the market worldwide, has integrated free of charge for its clients an interactive monitoring tool into its existing tailor-made solutions provided to the industry.

“Maritime transport has a great impact on global climate and on air quality, so it is important for shipping companies to follow an eco-friendly policy and have an overall control of their fleets’ emissions”, Fortune Technologies SA Software Consultant Maria Choupa noted.

International shipping emits around 1,000 million tones of CO2 annually. As part of efforts to reduce this footprint, the EU decided to enact the MRV system for Monitoring, Reporting and Verification of CO2 emissions while the ships are at sea as well as at berth.

Large ships (above 5.000 GT) using EU ports regardless of their flag will be required from January 1, 2018 to report their verified annual emissions and other relevant information.

“Fortune Technologies SA will help companies to obtain, record, compile, analyze and document the necessary monitoring data in a transparent manner Ms. Choupa said.

Fortune Technologies’ Microsoft Dynamics NAV-Vessel Operation Solution is designed to act as an interactive monitoring tool for various vessel operations.

“Our system includes a variety of reports which can be used for recording vessel operations data information, e.g. oil & lubricants consumptions, cargo carried and lots of other. In that way, operators will have a full control over the data which will be analyzed and documented so as to prepare maritime company’s CO2 Emissions Report for verification submission”, she explained.

Among the basic principles of the new EU regulation is data validity. Shipping companies shall apply appropriate measures to prevent any data gaps within the reporting period and ensure that the determination of CO2 emissions is accurate.

Fortune Technologies guarantees the accuracy of the data reported. “Both our Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform and our onboard application will ensure data validity by performing a series of validations and auto-calculations. Data will be in this way double-checked at vessel side and approved by office side”, Ms. Choupa underlined.