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Fortune Technologies participates in the 3rd ShipIT Conference, Athens, Greece

September 27 2017 – G. Frydas: We always offer our customers the most sophisticated products available in the market


ShipIT2017George Frydas, Fortune Technologies CEO, talked to “” about the latest developments in shipping software and the comparative advantage of the technology platform the company develops and provides in collaboration with Microsoft.
“What we observe is that technology is progressing at a rapid rate. The market demands very high standards,” Frydas said, referring to significant challenges companies are facing today in the technology sector, such as security and data protection. He also stressed that there are always usability requirements concerning the web, mobility, tablets, etc.

“Technology should adapt to the day-to-day needs of each company. I have witnessed how new products and services are created in the IT field through efforts to address these needs,” he noted.

Fortune Technologies’ strategic collaboration with Microsoft allows the company to be able to fully meet clients’ needs.

“Our comparative advantage is the shipping technology platform we are developing with Microsoft through our product, Dynamics NAV, which is constantly enriched by Microsoft’s latest achievements. This is what we are providing our customers” Frydas explained.

He revealed that soon Fortune Technologies will announce new collaborations in security issues, telecommunications, as well as for system e-mails and for the GDPR regulation which concerns data protection.

Microsoft is already working intensively and investing in developing new solutions for these “hot” issues, Frydas said.

“On our part, we are fully prepared to upgrade our own product. Therefore, we are in position to offer our customers the most sophisticated products and services available in the market when it comes to changing demands and innovations,” he stressed.

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