02 Loan Management Module

lmmFortune Loan Management module provides a fully integrated loan management functionality which helps a company manage its loans effectively and efficiently.

With Fortune Loan Management solution, a company can keep track of all information relevant to bank loans and save valuable staff time by simplifying its tasks.

Our solution is a best-in-class module and provides the following features:

  • Management of simply structured loans and complex loans such as syndicated loans. Flexible definition of Repayment Schedules either automatically based on Loan Agreement clauses or manually by the end users.
  • Support of loans with multiple drawdown amounts & fixed or floating interest rates.
  • Automatic calculation of Interest Expenses, Commitments Fees and other finance costs.
  • Loan Valuation for Loans denominated in foreign currencies on a specific date.
  • Management of payments for loan installments and support for unscheduled payments (Extra – Ordinary Payments).
  • Integration with General Ledger for the preparation of loan transaction entries such as Drawdowns, Interest Expenses Amortization, Current Portion Amortization, Principal & Interest Payments.
  • Customizable screens according to user responsibilities and preferences.
  • Embedded Internal Chat system (Enhanced Notes) to facilitate communication among office users.
  • Extensive reporting capabilities. Dynamic representation of charts according to user’s preferences, as well as generation of statistical information, graphs, calculations etc. on all data inserted.
  • Central Roles & Permissions Management.
  • Role Based dashboard.