03 Freight Collection Module

Fortune Freight Collection module is a solution for the process of handling agreements and issuing sales invoices (or credit memos) to charterers. It supports both Time Charter and Voyage Charter contracts, with standard, as well as user-defined services and commissions. It offers full integration with the Fortune Maritime Financial module.

Fortune Freight Collection module is a best-in-class integrated module and provides the following features:

  • Time Charter Party Management.
  • Voyage Charter Party Management.
  • Voyage Management and Voyage Results.
  • Debtors: Charterers, Brokers, Insurance Companies, other organizations.
  • Automatic calculation for off-hires, demurrages, dispatches based on Charter Party Clauses.
  • Automatic calculation of brokers’ commissions and generation of relevant accounting entries.
  • Hire and Freight Invoices automatically generated, according to Charter Party Clauses.
  • Hire Statement Reports.
  • Advance Reporting (Account Schedules) and Financial Analysis.
  • Calculation of revenue and related voyage expenses cut-off for period-end and posting the corresponding entries to General Ledger.
  • Customizable screens according to user responsibilities and preferences.
  • Notifications mechanism, alerting a single or a group of users ensuing from predefined conditions.
  • Embedded Internal Chat system (Enhanced Notes) to facilitate communication among office users.
  • Extensive reporting capabilities. Dynamic representation of charts according to user’s preferences, as well as generation of statistical information, graphs, calculations etc. on all data inserted.
  • Performance Management (KPIs) for process within the system.
  • Central Roles & Permissions Management.
  • Role Based dashboard.