04 Cash Flow Module

cfmFortune Cash Flow module provides all the essential tools needed to keep control of the incomings and outgoings of cash, representing the operating activities of an organization.


Our solution is the best-in-class module and provides the following features:


  • Ability to overview the financial performance divided by fleets.
  • Projection Cash Flow: analyzes receivables and payables of a given period.
  • Actual Cash Flow: analyzes actual payments made during a given period.
  • Create a Cash Flow schedule based on each company needs.
  • Create your own chart of cash flow forecasts and become proactive rather than reactive.
  • Get cash flow forecasts from the general ledger, purchasing, sales.
  • Manually enter revenues and expenses into your forecast for the period.
  • Analyze cash flow statistics in detail with reporting capabilities that help you to determine your cash flow position.
  • Customizable screens according to user responsibilities and preferences.
  • Notifications mechanism, alerting a single or a group of users ensuing from predefined conditions.
  • Extensive reporting capabilities. Dynamic representation of charts according to user’s preferences, as well as generation of statistical information, graphs, calculations etc. on all data inserted.
  • Performance Management (KPIs) for process within the system.
  • Central Roles & Permissions Management.
  • Embedded Internal Chat system (Enhanced Notes) to facilitate communication among office users.