08 Crew Payroll Module

cpmFortune Crew Payroll module is specifically designed for the needs of global shipping companies with multiple tax jurisdictions. The solution is a multiple currency system with a high degree of user-generated adaptability. It automatically calculates sea personnel earnings and deductions, and all federal, state, and local taxes and it is adaptable to any country. The Fortune Crew Payroll module is fully integrated with our Fortune Financialmodule and can seamlessly transfer existing Crew Payroll data into your general ledger. It also allows printing of personalized pay checks.

Free information flow between Microsoft Dynamics NAV and third party products is also warranted.

Fortune Crew Payroll module is a best-in-class integrated module and provides the following features:

  • Generic Legislation Settings.
  • Salary Scale, Terms and Conditions and Bonus.
  • Complex Leave Calculations.
  • Deductions and Payments.
  • Several payment methods.
  • Multi-tax and Multi-currency Payslips.
  • Redundancy sheet in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.
  • Management Information filtered in groups such as: Payroll Analysis, Costing Analysis, Forecasting and several statistics reports.
  • Ability to create specific business rules for the calculation of Seaman’s Payroll e.g. including date arrived to travel dates.
  • Automatic process of Seamen Allotments.
  • Retroactive wage calculations.
  • Integration with e-Banking.
  • Extended auditing facilities for parameters affecting wages calculation (Contracts modifications, voyages periods, etc.).
  • Customizable screens according to user responsibilities and preferences.
  • Notifications mechanism, alerting a single or a group of users ensuing from predefined conditions.
  • Embedded Internal Chat system (Enhanced Notes) to facilitate communication among office users, or office users and Vessels.
  • Extensive reporting capabilities. Dynamic representation of charts according to user’s preferences, as well as generation of statistical information, graphs, calculations etc. on all data inserted.
  • Performance Management (KPIs) for process within the system.
  • Central Roles & Permissions Management.
  • Role Based dashboard.
  • Replication (Data transfer ship to shore and vice versa via satellite).