09 Vessel Operations Module

vomFortune Vessel Operations module is designed to act as a decision support system and interactive monitoring tool that can

  • manage charter parties and multiple vessel operations.
  • position vessel activities in time windows and specific locations.
  • enable thorough reporting capabilities to support business decisions.


By utilizing an attractive and modern Microsoft user interface, Fortune Vessel Operations provides all necessary information concerning each voyage phase on a single screen, the “OPERATOR” Role Center, reducing in that way significantly the administration workload.

Our solution is a state-of-the-art distributed system, covering all activities from Chartering to Financial including On-Board vessel data collection and focusing on:

  • Charter Party
  • Voyage Management
  • Vessel Reporting
  • Geospatial information on vessel location (current, past & future route tracking)
  • Unified information on Brokers – Charterers – Agents
  • Office Business Intelligence Reporting

Microsoft Dynamics NAV also allows exporting all necessary information to Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel documents in a simple and user-friendly way.

Fortune Vessel Operation is a best-in-class integrated module and provides the following features:

  • Simple or complex multi-cargo, multi-port, multi-berth voyage tracking and management.
  • Performance monitoring both in technical and financial terms.
  • Optimum bunkering ports and schedule management with complete analysis and cost differentials.
  • Vessel position tracking for the whole fleet presented graphically on a map using innovative 3rd party “port-to-port” applications for ports distance calculation and routing.
  • Complete Voyage Itinerary and Reports (Arrival (EOSP), Port Log, Noon, Departure (SOSP) etc.) with all specific and average figures, managed thoroughly through an office approval process.
  • Charter party over/under performance evaluation in actual financial terms, providing complete proof against claims.
  • Easy-to-use calculation system for Laytime and Demurrage/Despatch calculation.
  • EEOI (Energy Efficiency Operational Indicator) calculation (per voyage or per time period).
  • Customizable screens according to user responsibilities and preferences.
  • Notifications mechanism, alerting a single or a group of users ensuing from predefined conditions.
  • Embedded Internal Chat system (Enhanced Notes) to facilitate communication among office users, or office users and Vessels.
  • Extensive reporting capabilities. Dynamic representation of charts according to user’s preferences, as well as generation of statistical information, graphs, calculations etc. on all data inserted.
  • Performance Management (KPIs) for process within the system.
  • Central Roles & Permissions Management.
  • Replication (Data transfer ship to shore and vice versa via satellite).
  • Role Based dashboard.
  • Interfaces with other systems.